Guidelines for Reopening to Visitors at River’s Edge

We are extremely excited to be able to begin having Visitation here at River’s Edge. We know that the past 12 months have been difficult to say the least.  Visitation is so important for the wellbeing of our Residents, their Loved Ones, and Our Staff and it has been difficult to go back and forth between lockdown and limited visitation.  Our hope and prayer is that we will not have to revert back into a lockdown situation.  The biggest deterrent to avoiding that is to strictly adhere to our visitation parameters.  Please, Please, Please if Everyone Does Their Part and follows the parameters, we will have our best shot at Staying Open to Visitation! As long as Gem County continues to be in either the Yellow or Green category and we do not get any new Positive Cases with Residents or Staff we will be able to remain open to visitation.